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These are my very own Sailor Moon Midis that I downloaded and uploaded myself. They are pretty decent if you ask me. I mean, I know a lot of people cannot stand midis, but hey, download them anyways, they're fun! Oh, and please don't directly link to me! Arigatou - Rae

Ai No Senshi

Carry On

Eien No Melody

Fate Is So Beautiful

German Sailor Moon Theme 1

Princess Kakyuu's Theme

Kiss In The Starlight

Koisuru Otomegkoro

La Soldier

Moonlight Legend

Moon Revenge

Oh Starry Night

Onaji Namida Wo Wakeatte

She's Got The Power

Rainy Day Man

Route Venus

Sailor Moon Stars Theme Opening

Sailor Moon Stars Theme Ending

Starlights Transformation

Outters Transformation

Scouts Transformation/Attack Music

Tuxedo Mask's Theme

Tuxedo Knight

Tuxedo Mirage

Only A Memory Away

Rae's Sailor Moon Midis
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