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Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune's Famous Line!:Invited by a new age, I'm the elegant Sailor Neptune.

Japanese Name: Kaiou Michiru Dubbed name: Michelle Name Meaning: Full, King of the Ocean Birthday: March 6, 1978 Astrological sign: Pisces Blood type: O Favorite color: marine blue Hobby: collecting cosmetics Favorite food: Sashimi Least favorite food: kikurage mushrooms Favorite Gem Stone: aqua marine Favorite subject: Music Worst subject: none Has trouble with: sea cucumbers Strong point: violins Dream: to be a violinist Height: 5'4"

Sailor Neptune appears at the beginning of Sailor Moon S and carries the second talisman; the Deep Aqua Mirror. Michiru's intellect is the greatest of her assets. Unlike her partner Haruka, Michiru considers the implications of her actions before going into action. She also has a very calm personality. She is very skilled at painting, swimming and playing her violin. As Sailor Neptune, she is also very serious, and like Haruka, willing to die for her cause. However, she does not want to see Haruka get hurt, and has often compromised her position to protect her partner. In Sailor Moon Stars she and Uranus join with Galaxia (by taking her bracelets). But their power breaks the evil spell and they turn agaisnt Galaxia and attack just before they are destroyed

Special Powers (Sailor Moon S) Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Michiru says this to transform into Sailor Neptune. Deep Submerge Sailor Neptune says this to call up a massive funnel of water, which she can direct at an enemy. Special Powers (Sailor Moon SS) Submarine Reflection Sailor Neptune appears with her mirror. She twirls around while holding the mirror saying 'submarine reflection'. She turns the mirror around to face the enemy. A beam of light emits from the mirror and shoots at the enemy.

Sailor Neptune's Identities!

Michiru Kaiou
(Hey I Play The Violin Too!!)
Sailor Neptune
(She Is Always Graceful...)
Super Sailor Neptune
(She Has Her Strong Points..)
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