Sailor Jupiter's Character Profile

*Hey! Did I ever mention she is my ultimate favorite????*

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter's Famous Line!:In the name of the planet Jupiter, I will punish you.

Dubbed name:Lita

Japanese Name: Kino Makoto Name Meaning: Wisdom of Trees Birthday: December 5th Astrological Sign: Saggitarius Blood Type: O+ Favorite color: sugar-pink and green Hobbies: bargain-hunting Favorite food: cherry pie Least favorite food: none Favorite flower: Lily of the Valley Best friends: Ken and Usagi Favorite animal: Horse Favorite gem: Emerald Favorite subject: Home economics Least favorite subject: physics Strong points: cooking Fear: Airplanes, her parents died in an airplane crash She lives alone (Her parents are dead) Dream: To be a bride, to own a bakery/flower shop Height: 5'6"

Makoto is the practical minded Sailor Senshi. She generally serves as a morale booster (in combat only). She has an independent and strong willed personality. She is the tallest Inner and the second tallest Senshi (Uranus is taller), this is why her School Uniform is different, they did not have one her size. She likes to step up to challenges (unlike Ami, she fights rather than thinks).

Special Powers (Sailor Moon) Jupiter Power/Jupiter Power, Make Up Makoto says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter. Jupiter Thunder Crash/Supreme Thunder Sailor Jupiter says this to activate her tiara to capture lightning bolts. She can then redirect this energy into an electrical bolt with which she can attack. Special Powers (Sailor Moon R) Jupiter Star Power/Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Makoto says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter Jupiter Thunder Dragon/Supreme Thunder Dragon Sailor Jupiter says this to create a lightning Dragon which destroys her enemy. Jupiter Thunder Crash Zap/Sparkling Wide Pressure Sailor Jupiter says this to generate an energy bolt which she throws at the enemy. Special Powers (Sailor Moon SS) Jupiter Crystal Power, Make up Makoto says this to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter Jupiter Oak Evolution This is Super Sailor Jupiter's attack

Sailor Jupiter's Identities!

Lita(Makoto Kino)
(She Is So Perfect)
Sailor Jupiter
(She Will Kick Your Butt!)
Super Sailor Jupiter
(She Is The Strongest:)
Princess Jupiter
(How Princess-Like)
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