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Sailor Star Fighter

Sailor Star Fighter's Famous Line!:Surrounded by the dark denseness of the night, Sailor Star Fighter. Stage on! !

Japanese Name: Kou Seiya Name Meaning: Light of the Star Arrow Birthday: July 30 Astrological sign: Leo Blood type: A Responsibilities: Lead Vocal (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics, Composing Music) Hobby: American Football Favorite Food: Hamburgers Least favorite food: ? Favorite Subject: Physical Education Least Favorite Subject: Literature Club membership: American Football club Has Trouble With: Girls Height: 5'5"

Kou Seiya is one of the mysterious Sailor Starlights, Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya has developed an attraction to Usagi, which makes Haruka very protective and suspicious. Seiya does not seem to mind, as he flirts with Usagi day in and day out. Like the rest of the Sailor Starlights, Seiya is a guy but transforms into a girl. The Starlights seem to have their own agenda, as they are not part of the team in Sailor Stars. Seiya, in particular, has a particular beef with Haruka, and this is paraleled with the tension between Super Sailor Uranus and Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya has short black hair, blue eyes /w tapered pony-tail and grey star earrings.

Special Powers (Sailor Moon Stars) Fighter Star Power, Make Up! Seiya says this to turn into Sailor Star Fighter. He has this winged microphone thing by his ear which he uses to transform. Star Serious Laser When Sailor Star Fighter says this a ring of stars appears around her, and she brings them all together and this beam of light shoots out to the enemy.
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    Kou Seiya
    (Right On!)
    Sailor Star Fighter
    (Looks Angry..)
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